Best Stone Supplier of Engineered Stone and Porcelain Benchtops in Moorabbin

For centuries, stone in its various forms has been used as a building material and as an architectural design element all over the world. Its benefits include durability, adaptability to sculptural treatment, and the ability to be used in simple structures in their natural state. Stonemasonry is an incredible craft to create stunning things.

Still Stones is a go-to destination for all types of stonework such as engineered stone benchtops in Moorabbin. Whether it is a porcelain benchtop, granite marble for the kitchen, or a Caesarstonebenchtop, our experienced team can work with you to design and create your personal work of art. We offer a large collection of commercial and residential work with unrivalled strength and design.

With us, you can rest assured of getting the highest quality in stonemasonry. Our team is committed to providing our clients with the best quality of work. We design and build a one-of-a-kind personal paradise for you and your family.

Our Range of Services

We offer extensive services for you and some of them are listed below:

  • CaesarstoneBenchtop : Caesarstone is a well-known brand in the quartz countertop industry. We curate synthetic, non-porous benchtops that need not be sealed because spills do not harbour bacteria or other microorganisms on it. Caesarstonebenchtops are resistant to cracks, scratches, and stains and come in an almost infinite variety of styles and colours. To keep its lustre, simply use soap and water or a mild detergent while cleaning it.

  • Granite Marble for Kitchen : After diamond, granite is the second hardest natural material. It is one of the best kitchen countertop materials because it is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and elegant in appearance. It is mostly scratch-proof, to the point where even the sharpest knives will not leave a mark on its surface. We have a wide range of granite colours available, including grey, white, black, red, yellow, and others. There are various finishes for granite countertops available, such as polished, honed, and others, which can be chosen by you based on your preferences and needs.

  • Porcelain Benchtop : Porcelain benchtops are made of high-density, low-porosity ceramic slabs (also known as sintered compact surfaces or ultra-compact). It is a new material for kitchen surfacing that could spell the end of our love affair with quartz-based stone. Our designs can be printed onto the surface to look like wood, concrete, marble, or limestone. We have porcelain panels and tiles that match. They are significantly lighter and thinner, making them ideal for feature walls, kitchen doors, drawer fronts, and splashbacks.

  • Engineered Stone Benchtops : Engineered stone benchtops are made from quartz, one of the world’s strongest stone materials. It has a specially designed resin, resulting in a long-lasting slab and surface. You can relax knowing that our engineered stone outperforms alternatives like marble in terms of scratch, chip, and stain resistance.

    Due to its versatility, engineered stone is simple to integrate into the design and decor of your home or any project. Engineered stone is available in a wide variety of colours and styles, including marble and granite finishes. It combines the best of both worlds by providing a natural finish with all of the strength and durability benefits of engineered stone.

Why Choose Still Stone?

Here are the reasons to choose us as your stone supplier:

  • Quality without Compromise : We have installed a first-of-its-kind fully automatic cutting line coupled with a water jet. This not only cuts stone but also a variety of other products such as tiles, steel glass, and more. The system is so advanced that it can meet any design requirement with a high level of cutting intricacy. Our commitment to quality control is of the utmost importance, as all of our products are thoroughly checked before leaving our factory.

  • Passionate about Work: With our extensive experience in both the domestic and commercial industries, be assured of the highest quality. When you come to us for any project, we will produce the absolute best result and deliver it on time. Our team takes care of each and every job with utmost perfection and their expert craftsmanship will leave you amazed.

  • Experienced Team: Our staff members understand that each product on the market has distinct properties, advantages, and disadvantages. Fortunately, our skilled stonemasons can cut and create with any form of natural stone or porcelain to meet your specific needs. We can also tailor-make spectacular floor tiles, splashbacks, bench tops, or even fireplace surrounds to create that one-of-a-kind solution.

  • Use of Technology:Still Stone is home to some of the most intricate and cutting-edge technology in stone product manufacturing. We are capable of accomplishing a very high level of cutting complexity for any design requirement. In addition, it allows us to work with a variety of natural stones and porcelain. When combined with exceptional finishing technology, it reduces visible joints, resulting in a smooth, flawless look far superior to anything else on the market today.

  • Stonework in All Forms: We specialise in all aspects of stonework, from large commercial projects to intimate indoor fireplaces.

  • Professional Experts: We have a large professional team on hand to handle all kinds of commercial and residential stonework projects.

  • Personalised Service: We will personally collaborate with you to design and build the ideal stonework feature for your own home paradise that you and your family will enjoy.

Contact Us

To learn more about our products, including our extensive range of stone benchtops and services, call us on (03) 8522 2252 or email us at Alternatively, you can also fill out the form on our website and a member of our team will contact you shortly.