Why Choose Porcelain Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne?

A black porcelain benchtop for your kitchen sounds like a dream come true for your Melbourne home. The rise in popularity of porcelain benchtops is well justified with its many advantages over conventional materials. A Porcelain is a ceramic product that fuses raw materials using intense temperatures and extreme pressure through a highly technological process. The result is a permanently hardened, ultra-compact surface that is versatile, non-porous and hygienic.

Porcelain Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne

Benefits of Buying High-Quality Porcelain Benchtops

  • A multitude of textures is possible on the porcelain surface owing to the fine particles used to form the slab. Thus, the surface can mimic materials such as wood, concrete, and natural stones. Grains and designs can also be printed onto the surface, to create the desired look.
  • Highdensity and low porous qualities of porcelain make it an ideal choice for food preparation. Moreover, Porcelain is highly resistant to liquids, acidic substances, and is highly scratch resistant.
  • High heat and fire resistance of porcelain makes it useful as a benchtop, especially around cooktops, and for vertical surfaces, such as splashbacks.
  • Highly UV resistant, which allows it to retain its full colour throughout its lifetime. This makes it a good choice for outdoor benchtops like BBQ areas.
  • There is good flexibility in sizes, making them a great option for long island benchtops
  • Porcelain slabs come in a variety of thicknesses, as slim as 12mm slabs available for benchtops. The thinner slabs can be installed directly onto the cabinetry carcass, with no backing board required. Porcelain can be crafted into a sink due to its water resistance and can be seamlessly integrated into the porcelain benchtop.

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