Engineered Stone Benchtop Installations in Melbourne

You are in the right place if you are searching for a kitchen or bathroom upgrade that will look great and last for years. With so many options available, you can give your house an eye-catching transformation. Still Stone offers countertops fabricated from high-grade pulverised quartz and epoxy. We also provide a professional assembly service, so you know your engineered stone benchtops will be fitted with care and accuracy for long-lasting results.

Reasons To Choose Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Engineered stone benchtops have been increasingly gaining popularity for several reasons:

  • Durability: Engineered stone is renowned for its resistance to splitting, fracturing, and other damages, achieved by binding natural quartz grains with epoxy. This composition allows it to handle high pressure for a long time while still looking good as new. In addition, engineered stone kitchen benchtops can withstand high temperatures, making them an excellent choice for cooking countertops where hot pots and dishes are frequently kept.

Engineered Stone Benchtops for Your Melbourne
  • Resistance to Stains and Scratches: Engineered concrete benchtops are highly resistant to common marks and scrapes. Unlike natural stones such as granite or marble, engineered stones do not absorb liquids and therefore do not get stained easily. Additionally, their scratch-resistant properties make them a desirable choice for busy areas, such as kitchens.

  • Low Maintenance: Benchtops of engineered stone are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Unlike natural stones, they do not need any specific sealants or treatments. Warm water washing and a soft towel will do the trick for a thorough cleansing.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of hues, designs, and textures when selecting engineered marble benchtops for countertops. It will complement your kitchen’s existing design and furnishings. Additionally, you can also choose stones that resemble expensive natural stones like marble or granite, but without the hefty price tag.

  • Hygienic: Engineered stone is highly sanitary as it does not absorb liquids. It can be used in places where hygiene is of the utmost importance, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

  • Sustainable: Recycled materials like glass or quartz are used in the production of stone benchtops, making them environmentally friendly. This choice not only saves resources and reduces waste but also ensures sustainability.

The Best Ways to Use Engineered Stone Benchtops in Your Home

Engineered stone benchtops are an excellent choice because of their longevity and adaptability. Some of the most popular variants include:

  • Kitchen Benchtops

    Benchtops in the kitchen are often made of engineered stone due to their durability, minimal upkeep, and resistance to discolouration and scratches. As a bonus, they come in a broad variety of hues and designs to complement any style of culinary decor.

  • Bathroom Vanity Tops

    Engineered concrete benchtops are a common option for restroom counter surfaces. They are also frequently used in public restrooms due to their ease of maintenance and high sanitary levels.

  • Splashbacks

    Kitchen and restroom splashbacks made of engineered stone are both beautiful and durable. It is a functional and fashionable choice that can be altered to complement the benchtops and other features of your interior décor.

  • Fireplace Surrounds

    Engineered stone benchtops can also be used to create stylish hearth enclosures. It is also impervious to high temperatures, making it an attractive choice for this purpose. As a long-lasting and low-upkeep option, it can give your room a chic, contemporary feel.

How To Maintain Engineered Stone Benchtops?

The longevity, stain resistance, and abrasion resistance of engineered concrete benchtops make them a popular option for kitchens and restrooms. Here are some suggestions to keep your benchtops in pristine condition:

  • Use a wet rag or paper towel to clean up spills.

  • Use a mild pH-neutral cleanser for cleaning benchtops.

  • Avoid using ammonia or chlorine on the surface.

  • Cut vegetables or meat on a chopping block.

  • Do not drag heavy or pointy items across engineered marble benchtops.

  • Be cautious with acidic liquids as they can erode the surface.

  • Wipe up corrosive liquids quickly and do not let them sit on the countertops for long.

Why Choose Still Stone?

Stone benchtops can be visually appealing with the right colours, tones, and even colour combinations. At Still Stone, we have readily available and affordable, white-engineered stone benchtops for all your requirements in Sunbury. You have the freedom to bring your vision of the ideal house or business to life with ease. Our expertise lies in helping you build a functional yet aesthetically pleasing space that reflects your unique style.

If you are looking for the finest engineered stone kitchen benchtops in Melbourne, you are at the right place. Our exclusive collection offers unmatched variety and some of the best prices in the market. Choose Still Stone for the best-engineered marble benchtops and let us transform your space into something extraordinary.

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Because of its longevity, stain and scratch resistance, as well as uniform colour and design, engineered stone is the preferred material for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Thanks to the composition of pulverised stone and epoxy, it is easy to care for and highly durable.

A gentle sponge or towel dampened with water and a little dish soap is all you need to clean your engineered stone benchtops. Avoid using sharp cleansers or scrubbers to prevent damage. Alternatively, you can use a commercial stone cleaner or a water and vinegar solution. After washing, rinse with fresh water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Engineered stone benchtops are created by binding tiny pieces of quartz stone with epoxy. A highly resilient and impermeable covering is achieved by pouring the combination into moulds and curing it under high pressure and heat. Such benchtops are increasingly common in both kitchens and baths due to the variety of colours and designs they offer.

Even though manufactured stone can withstand a lot of heat, you should not place anything extremely hot on it for extended periods. Use trivets or hot mats to keep your tabletop safe from the heat of pots, plates, and other cooking utensils.

Water spots on manufactured stone countertops can be removed with a slurry made from baking soda and water. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes after application. Use a gentle towel or scrubber to clean the region, and then flush it with clean water. If the stain remains, you can try a solution of water and vinegar or a specialty stone cleaner. Avoid using sharp cleansers or scrubbers to prevent damage.


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